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Residential and Commercial Tree Services

There are many reasons for cutting your tree, this could be simply because your tree is overwhelming and are taking up or perhaps taking over your garden area and light to surrounding trees shrubs or plants, to remove storm damaged or diseased branches, or simply to aid your trees and property to work harmoniously in both urban and rural areas.

Once the decision has been made to prune a tree, the next decision to make is whether or not to tackle the job yourself and how confident you might be in doing so. In the case of a large tree where you want to remove large branches in the upper area of the crown, it may be best to hire qualified tree experts. Large tree pruning, in particular, can require climbing and chainsaws or even cherry-pickers.

This is a job that should be left to trained and experienced professionals, who are covered by specialist insurances. We would never advise a client to compromise personal safety in pruning a tree and would always recommend seeking the advice of an expert before trying to complete work alone.

If your trees take too much light from your garden there is a technique called 'tree thinning' that a qualified tree surgeon can offer to help resolve this. This technique opens up the tree crown to allow more light through the center of the tree, tree thinning can also prevent windblown trees as the air flow can then easily pass through the tree instead of creating a force that pushes against it.


Crown thinning is a pruning technique primarily used on hardwood trees, and the selective removal of stems and branches not only increases light penetration and air movement throughout the crown of a tree but can also make life uncomfortable for tree pests further aiding the health of your tree.

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Commercial Tree Services

Although here at Stillman’s Tree Services we love our trees, we know that sometimes it’s necessary to have it removed. Whether that’s for cosmetic reasons, as it interferes with the business layout or design or perhaps it’s for structural reasons and the tree is a risk to your business assets. Whatever the reason is, our commercial tree service team is available for you 24/7!

Please have a look at some common issues we‘re called with regards to tree removal in the Bradenton and Sarasota areas..

  • Tree is unsafe because of structural problems

  • It has naturally reached the end of its life

  • It’s doesn’t go with the overall appearance of the building

  • Land clearance e.g., to make room for car parking bays

  • It’s clashing with existing garden design

  • It’s in declining health

  • The tree has been damaged e.g., in a storm

  • It’s infested with pests

  • It’s too close to the building

  • It’s blocking access to the premises


We frequently work on projects on a large scale from servicing one or two trees to working independently or in conjunction with other contractors to complete larger scale commercial projects. This kind of job is normally undertaken to make way for a new road or building.


Commercial tree removal is a complex job that requires a certain skill set and specialized heavy-duty equipment. It is imperative that it is only assumed by a team of experienced commercial tree removal experts that have undergone training, as mistakes can be extremely dangerous and expensive to fix.

For all your commercial and residential tree removal needs contact Stillman’s Tree Services.

We can safely and efficiently remove the tree without risk to your business or home.

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